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CLIENT  Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH    ARCHITECTURE   Franken Architekten    CREATIVE AGENCY VAVE GmbH  SIZE  2300 m2  SITE  Zaandam        RESPONSIBILITY  Design  and realization  PHOTOGRAPHY  VAVE GmbH


'The Power Of 4K' is the leading theme of the business-to-business event for the Panasonic Congress 2014 in Amsterdam.


Already at an early stage of the concept a few focus points emerged for the new Panasonic 4K technology. The architecture is tuned to this idea from the beginning. Immediately on entering, you clearly see one central perspective featuring an overview of all the highlights and product groups. Each department presents itself by displaying new innovations in an entertaining way. The four product areas are: 4K Digital Imaging, Viera, Home Audio Video and Home Appliances. The graphical focus points serve to attract the attention of the alert visitor in various ways.


The 4K stage in the middle presents Panasonic’s 4K 'End to End Solution' – from recording, to playback, to the screen. To add even more emotion to the stage for the theme in question – the 2014 World Cup in Brazil – live Samba presentations are used.


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