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CLIENT  VAC Vlaams Administratief Centrum   SIZE  100 m2   

SITE  Leuven   RESPONSIBILITY  Concept and design   

CONSTRUCTION  Gielissen   PHOTOGRAPHY  Adriaan van Dam

Middel 1_4x-8.png


The Flemish Administrative Centre (VAC) invited me to design a circular coffee bar.

To me, circularity means nothing less than ensuring that a raw material retains its value. After products have been used, they are able to be dismantled in such a way that the materials can be reused. This project is Cradle-to-Cradle certified at silver level. The coffee bar can only be used by employees of the VAC.


Middel 15_4x-8.png

“I create awareness through spatial and graphic design”.

In this design, not only was special attention paid to the materials to be used, but the choice of food to be offered was also taken into consideration. So this concept must also be clearly communicated to the end user. That’s why the graphic displays in the coffee bar play a prominent role. Communication encourages the end users to contribute to taking care of our planet. This coffee bar helps you to make responsible choices for yourself, your surroundings and the environment. In addition to the client's Cradle-to-Cradle requirement, every effort was made to make it possible to disassemble the customised work. You can see this, for example, in the bar itself and the clearing up area. The function and use of the furniture have been coordinated in collaboration with the facility management section of the VAC.


Middel 12_4x-8.png
Middel 13_4x-8.png
Middel 14_4x-8.png
Middel 4_4x-8.png
Middel 3_4x-8.png
Middel 6_4x-8.png


Middel 5_4x-8.png

Cheesecloth and
biodegradable ink

choices is

This made-to-
measure furniture
can be disassembled

Middel 15_4x-8.png
Middel 16_4x-8.png
Middel 17_4x-8.png
Middel 18_4x-8.png
Middel 19_4x-8.png
Middel 7_4x-8.png
Middel 20_4x-8.png
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