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CLIENT  Nationale-Nederlanden    SIZE  20 m2    SITE  Den Haag and Rotterdam RESPONSIBILITY  Concept and Design    

CONSTRUCTION  Gielissen    PHOTOGRAPHY  Riesjard Schropp



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Nationale-Nederlanden has completely the renovation of their offices in Delfse Poort and Haagse Poort (NL) during the project Workspace 2020. The interior has become beautiful, which makes that you don't always see their sustainable ambition. That is why the following question was posed: develop a spatial design to present all sustainable materials from the Workspace 2020 project.


The aim of this presentation is to involve employees and to make them aware of the stated sustainable ambitions. The wish was expressed to analyse the content of the material process and to illustrate it with the associated material phases.

Middel 21_4x.png

Don’t forget to think about the origin of the materials you use.


This design is an extension of the interior concept, so that visitors can clearly see that this project is part of the large project Workspace 2020. And if you zoom in on material level, there are two types of materials used in the project: circular and biobased materials. With that in mind, in addition to a permanent set-up, a flexible element has been developed: the wheelbarrow. Only biobased materials are presented on this wheelbarrow, by showing the ingredients of materials from beginning to the end, including the final product. But also, by giving an insight into

the chain, which you can see on the infographics.


There are more materials analysed that are shown at the moment, this gives Nationale-Nederlanden the space to change materials in the future.



Connection of wood 
like the rest of the
interior design

Flexible presentation
for sustainable

Can be used in
different locations
for biobased materials


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