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CLIENT  BeFrank    SIZE  1200 m2    SITE  Amsterdam

RESPONSIBILITY   Concept and Design   CONSTRUCTION  Gielissen  PHOTOGRAPHY  Riesjard Schropp



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Through these filters you learn more about the sustainable story of BeFrank!

During the renovation of their head office, BeFrank made high sustainable demands on their interior. Even by not having the WELL platinum certificate, they fully comply this within their terms of interior. After working proudly in their working environment for one year, BeFrank realized that something was missing in the design: storytelling. No matter how beautiful their office is, you will certainly not notice the high sustainable ambition in many interior pieces.


Time to change that, so the assignment is: make the story of our interior in the office visible.



Telling a story can be done in a simple way, BeFrank suggested that adding labels to their interior would already help a lot. But I thought something else about that ;)! BeFrank his sustainable story deserves more. The great thing is that in the design, when you walk around, you don't always see it. But how do you ensure that this invisible layer becomes visible? By adding a filter. Filters with information about the thoughts and choices that have been made in the field of sustainability. These filters were eventually made from recycled acrylic with a print of sketch and the accompanying stories in writing.


You can imagine, as soon as you start talking about sustainability in the interior, you don't really know where to stop. For this reason, it was decided to add labels in addition to the filters. These labels are randomly placed in the interior to surprise the employees of BeFrank over time. The labels, which are made of discarded leather, have the origin of the materials and furniture lasered on.

Look through
the filter and
learn more!

You, as

Illustration of
the interior
with information about the sustainable story

The interior

You, as

You can look through
the filter to learn more
about the sustainable story of BeFrank!


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