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CLIENT  Creative Coding Utrecht   SIZE  700 m2    SITE  Landgoed Oud Amelisweerd   RESPONSIBILITY  Concept, design and realization   

CONSTRUCTION  Studio Nuance    PHOTOGRAPHY  Studio Indruk

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Nature has lost her patience. And the COVID-19 virus has made it again clear to us in an even more radical way. The virus reminds us that, despite all, we try to get grip on nature, we can’t separate ourselves from it. We must realize that we are part of nature. Where we are now constantly evolving and changing the nature, it's time to accept the way it is and live together like male and female.


In the exhibition GARDENING, Creative Coding Utrecht invites artists and makers to take the audience along and to share a new connection. We purpose to tell a positive story that will inspire people and open new perspectives in the relationship with human and nature.

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Do you know the relationship between human, nature and technology?


GARDENING is an exhibition in which people, nature and technology come together. Sometimes modern art and technology can be difficult to understand, and that was exactly the challenge of STUDIO &lotte. To connect you as a visitor with these themes, I came up with a punch card. With each work of art you decide whether it fits into one of the four themes: culture, art, technology or analysis, within the relation to nature. At the end of the exhibition, you record your choices in a graphical analysis, and you see your opinion in relationship to other visitor thoughts.


To bring nature inside the scene you can follow the route along the moss. The signage in the exhibition consists of pedestals made of different types of moss. And of course, the plants which I used are all naturel! This is how GARDENING comes to life! 


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Floorplan third floor



Introductiontext art



Existing furniture


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