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CLIENT  NLdigital   SIZE  800 m2    SITE  Breukelen

RESPONSIBILITY  Concept, design and realization   

CONSTRUCTION  Studio Nuance    PHOTOGRAPHY  Studio Indruk



NLdigital celebrates its 100th anniversary! They decided to go back into memory lane to celebrate this milestone! And I had the honor to develop their history in a historical exhibition. NLdigital was founded in 1922 under the name of VIFKA. An association for the office machine industry, a few years ago there was a rebranding, this was accompanied by a name change: NLdigital was born.


NLdigital is supporting a collective of companies that make digital transformation possible. The exhibition below tells you the story of the company development. But also, the general story about the digital industry; from typewriters to the first computer and from home computer to internet and mobile phones, all digital development is part of it. The exhibition was seen by the headquarter of NLdigital for their members, employees, and its industry.

Middel 15_4x.png

I designed a spatial timeline

through their head office!


From the beginning of the twentieth century, yearly an Efficiency Fair was organized by the VIFKA. Visitors discover themselves inspired by the new computers, office machines and other innovations. The last edition was at the end of the last century. Till now, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of NLdigital the Efficiency Exhibition came back one more time!


A pop-up exhibition is created with the most important highlights of the past 100 years. Which are shown one-by-one, with objects like photos and videos from the first Gameboy, the first Apple computer and the news report of the Millennium bug on 01.01.2000.


The exhibition ends with the question: what does the future of the industry look like? This is the place where you as a visitor have the space to think about your digital future. You can describe your thoughts in a visual inventory upon the different topics.



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