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CLIENT  stichting KIP    SIZE  45 m2    SITE  Dutch Design Week - Melkfabriek    RESPONSIBILITY  Concept, design and realization CONSTRUCTION  RAMstaal    PHOTOGRAPHY  Studio Indruk

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At the beginning of 2021 I founded stichting KIP. The Stichting Kunstzinnige Interactieve Proeven (Foundation for Artistic Interactive Trials) puts social issues on the map by creating human interaction focused on the five senses: hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and touching. KIP wants everyone to be able to look through a different pair of glasses, and to dare to do so. Our first project is ‘De kunst van leven | anno nu’ (the art of living now) and was presented at Dutch Design Week 2021 in Eindhoven.


The creators of this project are social designer Willemieke van den Brink - Gouwentak, scenographer Tessa Verbei and spatial designer Lotte de Jong.

Since when did being

busy become so normal?


Since when did being busy become so normal? Shouldn't we decide that for ourselves? Stressed, overworked, busy, we hear these words all around us. Being busy or being too busy seems to have become the norm. But since when? It grabs our attention, fascinates us and makes us curious. Curious about the history, the consequences and especially about looking for a possible way out.


We first carried out research – both in the literature and by asking questions to our fellow human beings. We started out with a neutral attitude, some words moved us, others inspired us or we were able to relate to them. During the research process, we asked ourselves the question: what can we learn from each other? Which interactions will work? And which ones won't?


We realized that it’s all about you, which is why this installation focuses on you as a human being. It is a place where you can experience who you are in today's society and how this relates to who you would like to be. You can add filters to create space between you and de outside world. How many filters you use depends on how much space you need.


This is the center. Here you turn inward, where you feel the connect with yourself, feel the earth, feel your own strength, and feel your own present.


GOAL: by adding or removing layers or filters, you determine how many stimuli you allow from the world around you.


Curtains on rails

Here you can add or remove layers yourself

​Construction – steel


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