BAMB 2020

CLIENT  EPEA NL    SIZE  35-100 m2   SITE  Travel exhibition, Europe   RESPONSIBILITY  Concept and design   REALIZATION  Gielissen Exhibit


The REM exhibition for BAMB is a travelling project that demonstrates new possibilities for the built environment through Material Passports and Reversible Building Design. REM stands for “Reversible Experience Module”: a physical demonstration object, based on a product, material or system that interactively displays the possibilities and benefits of Reversible Building Design and Material Passports.

The design is called a Multi Matrix. It is a three-dimensional transformable exhibition where spatial, structural and material transformations take place. It combines all principles of Reversible Building Design and Materials Passports, including the BAMB brand vision and USPs.

The power of patterns is magical and that is exactly why a pattern was the starting point of the exhibition concept. By studying all the units individually, I discovered different shapes, colours and identities which are visible in 2D and 3D.

As a visitor you get all the product information via an NFC-chip technology. A simple and efficient way to connect offline and online information. 

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Basic module setup guide

Floor plan