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CLIENT  Nij Smellinghe  SIZE  33 m2    SITE  Drachten

CONCEPT  WAFL    RESPONSIBILITY  Design and realization   

CONSTRUCTION  Studio Nuance    PHOTOGRAPHY  Studio Indruk



The question was clear when I was approached for this project: how do we create a physical place in the hospital where (future) nurses get inspired about their own profession and nursing leadership? Please let me introduce, The Wall of Nursing. This Wall of Nursing is for nurses, must be the place of inspiration. But beside that, it makes it special, that the project is also made by nurses. The content, all objects and information, is given by colleagues inside and outside the hospital.


Everyone, hospital staff, patients as visitors can learn about the developments in the sector and the impact of nurses in healthcare.

Middel 20_4x.png

Let’s capture the pride and passion of the nursing profession through an interactive wall.


At the wall I wanted to capture the pride and passion of the nursing profession. Information is presented in various ways. For example, how get to know different role models, such as Florence Nightingale (1820-1910). She is also called Lady with the Lamp. By collecting and analysing statistical data, she improved care, making her the founder of modern nursing. There is also room for publications that follow developments in the healthcare sector. And by means of various objects in display cases you make a journey through many years, with a link to the present. Think of the uniform of the past compared to that of today and the pins that nurses receive when they graduate or obtain a specialism.


The Wall of Nursing tells a story. Through a combination of deepening history based on objects that were used in the past in healthcare and contemporary developments, the growth in healthcare becomes visible. And with inspiration comes renewal. Which is why the design is made in such a way that the content can be renewed every few months. This is how the Wall of Nursing always will be inspired!




Publications to get inspired

Important nurses
from then and now

Historical and
present uniform

Letters, photo's
and pins

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