CLIENT  VVAO - association of women with higher education   LEAD AGENCY Artishock   COLLABORATION  Nederlands Leder en Schoenenmuseum  SIZE  303 m2  SITE  Museum Slager, Netherlands   RESPONSIBILITY  Concept, design and realization



Linking VVAO as a role model and the time periods they lived and worked through the shoes they wore along with their contemporaries, with a shoe linking the two women.

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To celebrate its 100th anniversary, the VVAO commissioned the exhibition ‘In Their Footsteps’. What influences did the social status of women have on the shoes they wore? And did a change take place in the way they dressed as it became more acceptable for women to follow higher education and work? All the selected VVAO

role models had a professional career, with or without a family alongside them.


Every role model is represented by one, two or three shoes: a shoe that the VVAO figurehead could have worn, a shoe that their female contemporaries without a professional career could have worn, and a festive shoe that brings these two groups together and connects them.


The exhibition ends in a firework of shoes that celebrates 100 years of the VVAO. For the exhibition, four artists from different disciplines showed their vision of the women by means of a work of art. The four disciplines are: photography, animation, poetry and music. A unique outcome of the design is that there is a perfect balance between the art in the museum and the exhibition for the VVAO.



Aletta Jacobs

Marga Klompe