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THESIS (October 2012)


This Thesis Project involved critical research conducted in support of the design of a pavilion, Food for better Lifestyle, at the World Exposition Milano 2015 in Italy. The client for this project is a project partner, Diplan International BV, a service-oriented company that works with trained specialists, who work together with their clients in order to achieve a healthier lifestyle.


This project aims to research the definition applied to the client statement, as well as to analyse, in depth, the meaning of the terms integral, healthy balance and food. As for the content, considered to the concept ‘balance through healthy food’, there is a need to analyse the meanings of its components, ‘body’, ‘food’, ‘lifestyle’ a broad ranging investigation of the social and cultural conditions in which this takes place. Pushing this interpretation of discourse about balance into a new parallel, a few examples to explain the concept balance from different perspectives based on text and discourse analysis.


To compare three main components - event, text and attitude - between dominant discourses and the healthy approach ‘balance’. Through this understanding we are able to design a spatial planning, within an exhibition concept how is based on communication. Finally, there is the discussion on cultural relativity versus spatial design as interpretation embodiment of ideas as interpretation.



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