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CLIENT  NIKON     LEAD AGENCY  JUNG VON MATT       SIZE  2200 m2    SITE  Photokina,  Köln   RESPONSIBILITY  Concept and exhibition design


Nikon wanted a new key image for the Photokina 2014. Nikon Europe presented itself with a striking  exhibit powered by highly sophisticated technology. Visitors enjoyed their picture moment ‘I am on top of the world’, while a realtime engine sent thousands of visitor selfies flying onto a wall comprising 166 square metres of LED panels.

The visitor experience starts with the platform which shows a picture taken from above. This will help the visitor to feel the ‘I am’ concept when they are standing on the platform. The visitor can look into the mirror above them as the countdown starts. Click. The endresult? Your picture with your emotion, the floor-photograph, the SLR camera and the slogan ‘I am on top of the world’. Can you imagine yourself standing on top of the world?

The Nikon Picturestream 2014 was a highlight on social media forums, as well as at the fair itself.



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