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CLIENT  KRO-NCRV    SIZE  1000 m2    SITE  Hilversum

RESPONSIBILITY  Concept and design    CONSTRUCTION  Gielissen & Desque    PHOTOGRAPHY  STUDIO &lotte

Middel 6_4x-8.png


The new design of the meeting square for the Dutch broadcasting company KRO-NCRV should act as a catalyst in the fusion process of the two organizations. The meeting square, which is located in an area between the two offices, will serve to connect the two organizations. The various functions are key here: meeting place, informal consultation, presentations, collaboration, drinks and relaxation. KRO-NCRV also wanted to incorporate the three core traditions of hope, faith and love into the new design.

By using different types of seating, space is created for everyone to meet each other.


The focus of the design is ‘a meeting point for all’. The meeting square has a triangular shape with a large staircase in the middle. This staircase perfectly accentuates the aspect of relaxation; this is where a big, open bar is located. The shape also made it possible to design different seating areas. There are different types of workplaces to encourage collaborations and various areas where large and small groups can hold presentations. To create a warm living-room atmosphere, carpeted circles were installed, and much attention was paid to the lighting in the meeting area. All employees were given the opportunity to say what the words hope, faith and love meant to them. These answers are reflected in three light objects, real eye-catchers!


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Middel 10_4x-8.png
Middel 7_4x-8.png
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Learning from each other's dreams, wisdom and experiences by reading other people's experiences.


Effective lighting to
create the right atmosphere

Hope, faith & love

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Middel 21_4x-8.png
Middel 22_4x-8.png

Various locations where
people are able to come 
into contact with each other

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Middel 25_4x-8.png
Middel 28_4x-8.png
Middel 26_4x-8.png
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