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CLIENT  Volkswagen AG LEAD    LEAD AGENCY Ce+Co GmbH    CREATIVE AGENCY  VAVE GmbH     SIZE  75 m2  SITE  Autochina, Beijing    RESPONSIBILITY  Design and realization  PHOTOGRAPHY   VAVE GmbH



Animals Unlashed. In collaboration with VAVE, five shop windows have been designed for the AutoChina 2014 show in Beijing.


Five shop windows with their own themes - Beetle Turbo, Connectivity, Child Safety, Volkswagen Lifestyle and Volkswagen Accessories. All shop windows are inspired by the artistic and luxury shop windows of 'Sanlitun', the famous shopping area in Beijing.

Each window has its own atmosphere in which unique artistic animals are presented in an iconic way. All animals are driven by emotions, which are a reflection of human feelings. Some animals look serious, others do not. Some are very serious and smart while others radiate energy. Most importantly, they take care of what they love, which is valuable to them.

The animals are used as storytellers, to lure curiosity and get the attention of the visitors - all this to translate the powerful image of Volkswagen Automotive into shop windows.


There are a number of central themes during the fair. These form the basis for the inspirational garden. All parts of the course come on offer.



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