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For Solidoe, it’s children that matter. Creating the ideal pedagogical environment is what its head office focuses on. But I had other ideas. Because, let’s be honest, isn’t learning essential for us all? Imagine developing a pedagogical environment for everyone.


It’s my ambition that the head office develops a pedagogical concept that adds value for employees as well as the current and future parents/clients. A prerequisite for this is an open atmosphere, one that radiates openness. But the need has also been expressed by some for more privacy to be created in the workspaces themselves.


to de-vel-op


1  to bring to full maturity

2  to progress (a) to come to full maturity; (b) arise

3  to design and make: develop a new product

4  (in the case of non-digital photographs) to make an image appear by applying certain processes

5  to provide refinement, knowledge; = to give shape to something

Solidoe views children as explorers. Taken together, their needs, their level of development,

and their interests form the point of departure for the actions of pedagogical staff.

Solidoe – a short and sharp description:

- Pedagogical specialist.

- For all children (inclusion): diversity and made-to-measure.

- Invests in its employees so that they can continue to develop

- A non-profit childcare organisation.

- Continually developing with an eye to the future.